The Solari

The Solari is a deity once worshipped in The Corpse March. The Lightvault in the Dead Mire was related to him in some way, as were the Golden Discs of the Solari. The Knights of Silver within the Pinnacle of Light were in his service, as were the Knights of Gold.

According to The Falcon, The Solari was in fact a very powerful and devout paladin and cleric of Pelor, who fought for and protected the people of Draur throughout his life. The Knights were sworn to his service as his elite tactical force.

After repelling the counter-invasion of the goliaths, he received a vision and prophecy from Pelor regarding the coming of the Dark Force. He wrote the vision on the Golden Discs of the Solari, called the Prophecy of the Dark Force. He withdrew to his bastion, the Pinnacle of Light, with his loyal knights. In order to stop it, he committed his soul and power into the Sun’s Core consuming his mortal form but coalescing the power of his spirit.

The Knights of Silver were charged with protecting and keeping the Pinnacle while his most loyal and powerful, the seven Knights of Gold, took the Core and carried it west into the Spires. As prophesied, a massive, flaming meteor crashed into the world and his Knights used the power of the Core to erect a barrier to contain the threat. They also built a bastion to house the core and its prisoner.

Since it occurred in tandem with his disappearance, the unknowing believers thought the meteor was his manifest power striking against the enemy goliaths. Since then, his actions have entered into myth and legend and he was deified by the people of Draur. Temples once dedicated to Pelor became dedicated to The Solari instead. The discs made their way to the Lightvault beneath the Lake Temple, while the Knight of Silver retain their vigil at the Pinnacle.

Meanwhile, the corruption and power of the dark force was solely underestimated by the agents of the Solari. For more information, see the Dark Force entry.

The Solari

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