Moros Finton

“There is a limited amount of suffering in the world, which should be inflicted upon those who can stand it instead of those who suffer already.”


Moros stands about 8 feet tall, with pale and slightly withered skin. A strong goliath, many scars cover his body along with a handful of black scars. He carries a long, curved blade attached to a long chain wrapped around his arm.


Moros is a powerful goliath and once member of Draven’s Own. Taciturn, he vaguely referenced inflicting suffering on the unworthy so that the innocent may be spared. The party met him again briefly after leaving The Pit, where he warned them against pursuing the Prophecy of the Dark Force.

The Party met him again beneath the Pinnacle of Light on the Path of Blood, where they found him withered and imprisoned. He filled them in on the ramifications of their brand, the Curse, and the plight of the Accursed. He told them about a rumor of a Strongpoint far to the north in The Spires, where Accursed live peacefully together. They set off with him to find it.

While he managed to retain his threshing blade and chain, he seems to have lost his many-chained armor and gauntlet. The Party also learned that he believes there to be a limited amount of suffering in the world, so he endeavors to inflict pain on those who deserve it so that the less fortunate suffer less. They also learned he is actually a native of Novus, part of a small group of goliaths who escaped and fled to The Corpse March.


Moros is fairly taciturn, speaking only when necessary or when spoken to. He mourns for the decline of his people, wishing that they could once again roam the windswept peaks and valleys of their homeland. He doesn’t relish the lifestyle that his Curse has forced him to adopt, but somehow clings to the faint hope of the rumored Strongpoint to the north.

Moros Finton

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