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The Unknown Lands

The Unknown Lands is a campaign designed around the players exploring a completely new region of the world. They will journey together from their homeland of Gloran to this land as explorers, each with their own motivations. The players are among the first to arrive here, and so vast tracts of the continent are unmapped. People arriving in this land might be seeking plunder, glory, conquest, or just a new life. The continent has been named Novus by the Thode who discovered it: Duran Rockcracker.

The Party is currently adventuring in The Spires.

Articles of Interest

  • The Party – The characters and their pages
  • People – Characters the players have encountered
  • Zones – Discovered regions in Novus

Current Date: 5.4-8.27 ( What’s This?)


5.4-8.1: Arrived in Novus
5.4-8.2: Passed throgh the Blackened Bog
5.4-8.3: Looted the Lightvault, robbed by Smiling Dick
5.4-8.6: Returned to Duran’s Landing
5.4-8.9: Arrived at The Pit
5.4-8.11: Defeated Wilfred Fizzlebang
5.4-8.14: Returned to Duran’s Landing
5.4-8.18: Camped outside the Crystal Cave
5.4-8.20: Cleansed the Pinnacle of Light
5.4-8.26: Arrived at Falconwatch
5.4-8.27: At the mouth of the Fathom
5.4-8.29: Defeated The Jackal
5.4-9.3: Found Pierce
5.4-9.4: Destroyed The Newborn
5.4-9.8: Took down The Drake
5.4-9.9: Tricked by The Jackal
5.4-9.11: Defeated The Lion
5.4-9.12: Infiltrated the Gilded Keep
5.4-9.12: Destroyed the Dark Force

Current Quests:

Completed Quests:

Money Banked at the First Stop

  • Thrud: 176g
  • Torinn: 165g
  • Shatter: 250g

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