Grona See-The-Dawn

  • Race: Goliath
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Shaman
  • Location: Falconwatch

“The earth cries in the throes of agony, torn as it is by corruption.”


Tall, as goliaths are, and covered in myriad tattoos of black symbols that are unknown to you, wrapped in a thick, white pelt of some mountain beast. Her strength is obvious in her rippling muscles with a heavy mace looped with a leather thong clasped to her bronze belt.


Grona See-The-Dawn has dwelt in The Spires for some time, possibly even since the Dark Force rained down from the sky and began the Curse. Little is known of her history.


Gruff, but fairly amiable towards her fellow goliath, she acts as the spiritual leader of the others within Falconwatch. Her ageless gaze suggests a deep wisdom.

Grona See-The-Dawn

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