The Tradesman

  • Race: Unknown
  • Gender: Male?
  • Occupation: Trader
  • Location: Astral Gallery

“Anything can be obtained if you are willing to pay the price.”


A definite description is difficult to determine, since each time The Party has encountered him within the Gallery he appears differently. Usually his face is hidden behind a mask and frequently his garb evokes themes of balance and he has consistently been portrayed as a male humanoid, but there’s little consistency beyond that. Sometimes his appearance seems to reflect his mood or the nature of his dealings as well.


Nothing is known about him, in truth. Originally he appeared to the Party as a merchant in Falconwatch named Sinbad, but it seems that may have just been a disguise.


Even-tempered, The Tradesman is rare to display any kind of emotion. A shrewd negotiator, he is always attempting to make some kind of deal, trading magical items or favors for magical items, favors, or service in return. His Gallery has a myriad display of fantastic items and creatures without count and beyond description and everything is for sale. The prices he charges for anything beyond the simplest item is frequently double-edged, though he has never been false on a deal made with the Party.

The Tradesman

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