Divine Vision

After departing the Writhing Wood, The Party was met with a vision of a glowing, holy knight bedecked in the armor of Pelor. Introducing himself as a vision of The Solari himself, he congratulated the party for their success so far, imploring them to continue to root out the evil lurking within The Spires.

He also warned them, however, that their possession of corrupted and twisted relics of the Knights of Gold put them in danger, since their power could be turned against them in the upcoming confrontation. He also heavily implied that The Falcon was not as virtuous as she seemed, since she sought the release of the Dark Force and not its defeat. This was corroborated by Shatter, who had been told this by the Falcon shortly beforehand during a visit to Falconwatch.

Convinced, the Party handed over all of the rings they had acquired from the Knights of Gold so far, as well as the sword that Torinn Thunderclap has acquired from The Jackal. The Solari took the blade in hand and destroyed the rings, his divine trappings falling away to reveal the black form of the Jackal. Enraged, the Party attacked him. Wielding his blade and strange void powers that and appearing less human than before, the Jackal swiftly slew the party, even chasing down Morin Wintersun when he attempted to flee.

The Party woke within a pitch black room, where The Tradesman appeared to them. He offered to send them back to the mortal world, in exchange for years of service from them after their quest to destroy the Dark Force was complete. All agreed, except for Thrud Sturmhammir, who decided to pass on to her afterlife with Kord after dying gloriously in battle.

They were sent back, bearing the weight of their debt. Down to three, they traveled south toward the heart of evil to battle the remaining Knights of Gold and, eventually, destroy the Dark Force.

Next quests: Lion’s Roar and The Final Struggle.

Divine Vision

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