Welcome to The Unknown Lands!

Current Date: 5.4-9.11 ( What’s This?)


5.4-8.1: Arrived in Novus
5.4-8.2: Passed throgh the Blackened Bog
5.4-8.3: Looted the Lightvault, robbed by Smiling Dick
5.4-8.6: Returned to Duran’s Landing
5.4-8.9: Arrived at The Pit
5.4-8.11: Defeated Wilfred Fizzlebang
5.4-8.14: Returned to Duran’s Landing
5.4-8.18: Camped outside the Crystal Cave
5.4-8.20: Cleansed the Pinnacle of Light
5.4-8.26: Arrived at Falconwatch
5.4-8.27: At the mouth of the Fathom
5.4-8.29: Defeated The Jackal
5.4-9.3: Found Pierce
5.4-9.4: Destroyed The Newborn
5.4-9.8: Took down The Drake
5.4-9.9: Tricked by The Jackal
5.4-9.11: Defeated the The Lion

Current Quests:

Completed Quests:

Money Banked at the First Stop

  • Thrud: 176g
  • Torinn: 165g
  • Shatter: 250g

The Unknown Lands

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