The Unmaskers

  • Vanessa, Shifter Ranger
  • Gildebaren Kentauris, Human Paladin
  • Lilika, Shifter Shaman
  • Red, Half-Elf Rogue
  • Tobias, Human Druid

The Unmaskers are a mercenary party hailed as heroes by the dwarves of Gran Arakor and earned quite the reputation in Gloran. A few months ago they set out for Novus themselves but haven’t been heard from since then. To learn about their deeds, read here.

The Unmaskers had already embarked on an adventure together prior to their adventure in The Corpse March. For more information, see The Unmasking. Tobias joined the Unmaskers in the Corpse March as they continued to explore and learn more about Todd McNeal.

They uncovered the mad necromancer’s plot to turn the March into an undead empire, with him their benevolent leader. They also learned of his evil plan to attack Duran’s Landing when they refused to submit to him. With help from The Blue Falcons the defended the Landing and then sought out Todd and destroyed him.


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