Thodis is a monarchy located in southwestern Gloran. It’s capitol is Kingsport at the edge of Soldier’s Bay. The people hailing from Thodis are commonly called Thodes, even the dwarves.


Being on the southern end of Gloran, the climate in Thodis is warm and temperate. Thodis is mostly an open land of rolling plains and grasslands, bordered to the north by the Rogue’s Divide mountain range and the ocean to the south. The lack of natural borders throughout the region was a common issue among the warring barbarians that once lived here.


Some time ago, Thodis was home to a number of tribes of barbarians that constantly fought over the land and prime hunting areas. The monstrous humanoids of the Rogue’s Divide found the scattered tribes easy to slaughter and the dwarves of Hadrin’s Hall sealed their doors and let the foolish humans be.

Eventually one powerful man rose up among the tribes. Named Enrik Orell, he was charismatic and strong and worked hard to unite the tribes into one powerful kingdom. Through his leadership, the tribes united and he was declared king of Thodis. He organized the tribes and each one founded a city and was given part of the land to be its own.

The king of Thodis has always been an Orell, the son or daughter that the previous king declared most capable. Enrik’s son, Dagon, was the king who convinced the dwarves of Hadrin’s Hall to open their doors and forge an alliance. Since then, Thodis has only grown more powerful and prosperous.

Modern Thodis still has many traditions that hail from their tribal days, including a distrust for magic, love of animals, and ancestral or spiritual worship. Kord worship has increased significantly in Thodis after a missionary managed to convert Gareth Orell I, the current king’s grandfather. The tribes of old have transformed into cities and each are quite proud of their individual traditions, but also their king.

Since Thodis is relatively new compared to other nations, most of them consider them a bit backward and primitive, even though this is hardly the case anymore. Thodis does not get along well with The Free Cities, considering them rogues and pirates as most do, an opinion made harsher by their close proximity and the tendency of bandits to prey on caravans or ships leading to or from Thodis. They most frequently trade with Brakk, since a lot of traders don’t wish to make the journey all the way to Thodis.

The explorer who discovered Novus was a dwarf named Duran Rockcracker who left Hadrin’s Hall to see the world. He got a commission from King Gareth Orell II to take a ship west about two years ago, returning five months later with news of the new world.

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