The Jackal

The Jackal is one of the Knights of Gold and has fallen fully to Corruption. He roams the wide valleys of The Spires, always hunting for Accursed who could be the saviors of prophecy and for the location of his fallen foe.

The Jackal is dextrous, sly, and cunning. He has powerful magic allowing him to take on nearly any form he desires, which he uses to trick others into thinking him an ally. In this way he can glean information from his enemies without them realizing it before he skewers them.

When battling the Party in the Ruined Dell, he fought wielding a greatbow and a single-edged blade that seemed to cut reality itself. Supremely agile, his illusory powers and extreme speed proved rather difficult to contend with.

The Party noticed him stalking them after they left the Fathom. For more information, see here.

They ran into a dark and shadowy form of him outside of the Writhing Wood, where he tricked them into handing him several magical artifacts.

The Jackal

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