The Falcon

“Forlorn Accursed, your trials are not yet at an end.”


A tall, golden statue of a woman in plate armor stands at the center of the cavern. It glows in the darkness, emitting a palpable warmth. The front of her armor has the sun sigil of The Solari and falcon motifs adorn the pauldrons, greaves, and gauntlets. As you stand before statue you hear a quiet, calm voice in your head.


The Falcon is one of the Knights of Gold, one of the two that did not fall to the corruption of the Dark Force. She fled from The Jackal who pursued her, barely surviving, and hid in the cavern. Thanks to the gift of vitality from The Solari, she was blessed with eternal life to maintain her vigil. She channeled her power and prayed to Pelor who transformed her into a golden statue to maintain her watch for those foretold by prophecy that would save them from the Dark Force.


She emits a constant stream of Vigor, allowing Accursed within her proximity to live despite the incessant drain from their Curse. She entreated the Party with the quest of seeking out and acquiring the lost Core Shards so that their power may be used to break the seal at the Gilded Keep and bring destruction to the Dark Force at last. See the quests for information on their progress.

The Falcon

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