Shards of Madness

While within the Pinnacle of Light, Captain Renstadt of the Knights of Silver made a request of The Party. He acknowledged that Smiling Dick had been in the Pinnacle and said he was instrumental in liberating an item of religious important for the knights, a small, stone shard. One still eluded them, however.

The shard was being kept by a member of their order who had gone mad with their long vigil over the Pinnacle, a knight by the name of Sergeant Valton. He had sealed himself within the sanctum at the top of the Pinnacle, refusing to see or speak with any of his fellows and shielding the shard behind a barrier.

Captain Renstadt asked that the Party approach the mad knight and convince him to relinquish the remaining shard, so that the Knights of Silver could make use of it again in their ceremonies. The Party agreed to help the amiable knight, so they climbed the Pinnacle to the sanctum. Thrud Sturmhammir opted not to meet with him, staying below in the chapel, since the knights have a long rivalry against the goliaths of The Spires.

When they met with Sergeant Valton, the Party found him quite lucid, but quite steadfast in his insistence of the corruption of his fellow knights and his refusal to meet with them or party with the shard. With permission, he cast some sort of spell over the eyes of Morin, Torinn, and Shatter, which would allow them to “see the truth” of their surroundings.

They opened their eyes and saw dark flesh embedded into the walls, pulsing with blood. The vision faded, and the Party retreated to contemplate the implications of it. A cursory search of the Pinnacle did not reveal anything new, so they approached Sergeant Valton again, but he could offer no new information.

Morin Wintersun managed to provoke the knights into revealing themselves, and several battles against the Darksilver Knights ensued. The Party faced and destroyed Captain Renstadt in his corrupted form, which in turn seemed to kill most of the corruption. They found Sergeant Vinton dead as well, however. The Party also developed a burn mark on their foreheads.

They were forced to escape through the Path of Blood, along which they met both Pierce and Moros Finton. Pierce stayed behind, while Moros explained the details of their new affliction and where they were.

The Party set off to find hope in the rolling, broken hills of The Spires.

Shards of Madness

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