Searching the Dead

The Party has heard about the abandoned laboratory that once belonged to the mad necromancer who recently terrorized The Corpse March. According to people in the the Landing, this place has been taken over by a tiefling called Knife who runs some sort of business out of it. It has been rumored that Smiling Dick and his band visit the place, so that provided some impetus to seek it out.

When they arrived, the Party discovered that the place appeared to be an arena of some sort, wherein combatants battled and spectators could bet on the matches. He also seems to run a business of trading and fencing items. Some of the party wanted to get involved with battling in the arena as combatants, while others had some reservations.

They managed to secure a meeting with Knife, in which he asked the party for a favor: he wants them to battle and defeat his current arena champion, Wilfred Fizzlebang, who has become arrogant and problematic. If they won their first match then they would discuss what their reward would be. They would also earn their champion’s purse for each match they win, but they have to win at least two matches before he could reasonably pit them against Wilfred.

The Party were named the Lords of Thunder by Tricky, the arena MC, and won their first match against Draven’s Own. The next day, they met with Knife and established their payment for defeating Wilfred: information related to Smiling Dick and the Golden Discs. That evening they also successfully fought and defeated The Twins, their second match, which qualifies them to challenge the champion.

They faced off against Wilfred Fizzlebang, battling through his swarms of demonic minions. As his stamina waned and defeat seemed possible, Wilfred grew desperate and summoned a powerful demon lord beyond his capabilities. The demon slew Wilfred and the Party stepped up and prevented it from going on a rampage, after which it swore revenge.

The Pit was shut down to clean up after the incident, but the Party was paid off by Knife who gave them a valuable magical item and information related to Smiling Dick and the Golden Discs of the Solari he stole. What the Party intends to do with this information remains to be seen.

Searching the Dead

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