Prophetic Premonition

The Party has finally uncovered more information regarding the Golden Discs of the Solari from Knife. He passed on to the Party rubbings he had taken of the runes inscribed on the discs as well as a translation of the Prophecy of the Dark Force. Rassadar Gurian of The Blue Falcons also commented that he saw a door bearing a sun sigil within the Crystal Cave to the west.

Morin Wintersun convinced Kardin Trenner to pay the Party for their exploration of this potentially important ruin within the cave, and with that they set out west. On their way they were attacked by some bandits, but the Party quickly scattered them with a strong show of force.

They camped for a night outside the cave before setting off into it the next morning. A short spelunking later, they found the door as was described by the Blue Falcons. The door was open, and they cautiously explored the structure. Inside, they met Captain Renstadt of the Knights of Silver, who invited them in and filled them in on The Solari and the Prophecy of the Dark Force.

He also asked a favor of them: that they would recover a small, stone shard from one of their own. For more information, see Shards of Madness.

Prophetic Premonition

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