Prophecy of the Dark Force

Some of the runes on the discs are distinctly older and written in a different runic script from the other runes.

The Prophecy of the Dark Force was written on two of the discs from the Golden Discs of the Solari, translated thanks to Knife and his lens. Elements of it have been at least partially interpreted and imposed as links within the prophecy. It reads as follows:

From the sky
It comes.
Dark fire will rain down
And bury into the earth.
Life will be consumed
So all will perish.

Within the crags
It lies.
A cornerstone of life
holds back the darkness.
My life will be consumed
So all will live.

Among the crystals
It stands.
My bastion of light
Will open to the sun.
The faithful will stand vigil
So hope will burn.

Across the sea
They come.
The darkness will corrupt
And blacken their souls.
Their curse will protect them
So dawn will break.

Prophecy of the Dark Force

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