Lyria Dawnwalker

“Everything has its place.”


As your ship enters port, you see an elf standing on the dock holding a sheaf of papers, her carefully braided, blond hair flashing in the filtered sunlight. Dressed in simple but elegant clothes, she stands erect and somewhat impatiently while watching the sailors tie down the ship.


Lyria is an elf who lived in Fil’Culem on the edge of Ellanafel, facilitating trade through the city. When she heard about the discovery of Novus, she decided that this was a good opportunity and passed control of her operations in Fil’Culem on to her daughter. She set sail for Duran’s Landing and saw that no one was organizing the flow of supplies; everyone was scavenging and working with what they brought with them. She set up the Market and gets orders of supplies every few weeks, selling them at reasonable rates to the settlers and explorers.

This keen organizational mind came in handy during the chaos that characterized the aftermath of the Defense of the Landing. While the leadership of the city fell to William “Double Bill” Williamson, The Blue Falcons and the Unmaskers during the actual attack, no one was left to lead with Double Bill dead, the mercenaries half-injured, and the Unmaskers off attacking Todd’s Laboratory. It was Lyria who took up organization of the cleanup, repairs, and guard duties after the battle, so she became the city’s leader and organizer, a role she will never admit she enjoys despite its rigors. She still owns the Market, but hired Feora Bennet to run the store while she manages the Landing.


Lyria is a very put-together woman. Her organizational skills are legendary and she likes things very neat and tidy. She also despises filth, so she wages a constant battle to keep herself clean in the March.

Lyria Dawnwalker

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