• Race: Tiefling
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Trader
  • Location: The Pit

“Let’s see then, how can we help each other?”


The room you enter is well-furnished, but not overly sumptuous. Fine curtains are lit by moody lanterns and carpets muffle the sound of your booted feet on the stone floor. A well-dressed tiefling approaches you, his orange-glowing eyes gleaming. He sits at a large, polished-oak table and indicates the chairs opposite him. You notice the brand of Olephus on his forehead.


No one really knows what Knife did before he came to the Landing, since he offers no hints regarding his past. It’s safe to assume he was once a slave in Olephus, since his brand is easily seen on his forehead. How he came to be free isn’t a story he is willing to share, however. He obviously has some connections, trading all manner of item with the explorers of the March. He has recently moved his operations to the remains of Todd’s Laboratory, turning it into an arena, still continuing his trade in relics and items from within.


Knife always looks to turn a situation to his advantage, seeking profit in every circumstance. As a result he has done quite well in the new world, trading useful items with those of the March. Slightly mysterious and unscrupulous, he has an unsavory reputation but his knack of acquiring useful items and his eternal willingness to trade have made him a valuable element of the March, at least to certain parties.


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