Kardin Trenner

“A man’s knowledge and experience die with him, except that which he passes on to others.”


Sitting by himself, a dragonborn nurses a steaming drink in the corner, writing in a book with half-moon glasses on the tip of his nose. With grayish blue scales, his age is indeterminate. He wears the brightly colored clothes favored by many dragonborn, with shades of red and orange.


Kardin is an anti-social sorcerer who came to Novus as a researcher. He was sent by the Daar of Kharon on a mission to discover what he can about the strange, new land. He keeps to himself, but an impressive library of books lines the walls of his home. His books detailing other cultures are well-known and highly regarded in Kharon. He is also a very capable sorcerer, refining his natural talent with studies at the Incantarius in Suin.


While Kardin keeps to himself, he is known to converse at length with the explorers who return from the March about the details of what they see and hear. He has organized and led a few expeditions himself, but neither have gone very far. When he does converse with others, he is unfailingly polite and well-mannered. He can’t stand rudeness and holds protocol to the highest priority.

Kardin Trenner

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