In the Depths

According to The Falcon, one of the five Core Shards lies within the Fathom, an abandoned mine-prison halfway between the Ruined Dell and Skymirror Lake. The Party recently arrived and managed to open the grate blocking the entrance, though Shatter got diseased by a trap in the process.

The path through the Fathom was long and winding, burrowing deep into the earth. The upper levels were primarily dilapidated living quarters and filled with Wretched Husks. Several mining shafts filled the next level, as did more Husks, though these were in better shape than those above.

At the bottom, a strange green goo covered the floor, along with several twisting, brown roots that ran along the broken floor. A deep chasm was filled with strange Spawn and the roots led to a particularly large monster in a pit of acid. The Party prevailed over the beast, draining the acid from the pool and revealing a silvery corpse. On the corpse they found another Core Shard, along with a greathammer, necklace, and helmet.

When they emerged from the Fathom and rested, they saw a mysterious figure watching them. See here for more information.

In the Depths

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