Gloran is the name for the known world. Once thought to be all there is, recent exploration has proven this to be untrue. Gloran is home for a wide variety of races great and small and is divided into 9 nations:

  • Olephus – Once the location of the Tiefling kingdom of Davadra, this country has since come under the control of the humans that conquered them
  • Ellanafel – The elven kingdom and homeland of all the elves of Gloran
  • Gran Arakor – A vast dwarven kingdom of tunnels and underground keeps beneath the Transyldor Mountain Range
  • Brakk – A trading country with a puppet king but truly ruled by powerful merchants, populated by a diverse range of humanoids
  • Suin – A small but influential country ruled by mages and spanning several islands off the eastern coast
  • Kharon – The militaristic and powerful country of the dragonborn, ruled by a voted king and his council
  • Zerinnia – The wild lands where eladrin and shifters live
  • The Free Cities – A group of loosely-connected and independent city-states where laws are few, largely considered by the rest of the world to be entirely populated by criminals and pirates
  • Thodis – Once simply a land of uncivilized barbarians, now united under a single ruler but still backward by the rest of Gloran’s estimation


Here’s a list of each country by the races that live there. They are listed in order of dominance:

  • Olephus – Humans, tieflings
  • Ellanafel – Elves, half-elves
  • Gran Arakor – Dwarves, goliaths (most live in the mountains above the kingdom)
  • Brakk – All races, especially humans, halflings and tieflings
  • Suin – Humans, gnomes, half-elves, elves, tieflings, shifters
  • Kharon – Dragonborn
  • Zerinnia – Eladrin, shifters
  • The Free Cities – All races
  • Thodis – Humans, dwarves, gnomes, shifters

Note about Tieflings: Tieflings once had their own kingdom, but it was destroyed long ago. Now they live as slaves in Olephus but otherwise are scattered across other human nations, especially Suin and The Free Cities.


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