Feora Bennet

“Life is an adventure best shared!”


Stepping lightly from the back of the store is a beautiful elf, her light-brown hair tied up in a bun. She carries a ledger in hand and laughter in her bright green eyes.


Feora is a roguish elf who left Ellanafel to see the world. During her travels she encountered her current husband, Travis, on a ship she was journeying on. They grew fond of each other, with her admiring his steadfast nature and him loving her free spirit. They married, and when Travis spoke of settling down, Feora insisted that they go to the newly discovered land if they were start a family. Travis agreed. “Double Bill” took both of them in and treats them like his own family, providing for them and arranging for their home to be built.

After the First Stop was destroyed and Double Bill killed, Feora found other employment with Lyria Dawnwalker to run the Market while Lyria tends to the business of the Landing.


Free-spirited and adventurous, Feora has nonetheless settled down, at least for now, to help care for her new son, Ralian. Feora loved the First Stop and its constant crowd of interesting characters, and enjoyed her job of serving the patrons and she enjoys a similar menagerie of characters at the Market. While she is playful, she is a wife and mother so there are strict limits. Though Double Bill’s death was tragic for her and her family, since they were close, Feora maintains her upbeat personality. An elf sees quite a bit of death in her long life, after all.

Feora Bennet

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