Within the well-concealed cavern you see a handful of small groups of people, camped in a circle. Your vision is drawn, however, to the large, golden statue that stands at the center of the group, that resembles a woman in armor with falcon motifs with her arms out-stretched in a benevolent pose.

Falconwatch, known in rumor as Strongpoint, is a small community of Accursed that has sprung up around the golden statue of The Falcon, one of the last Knights of Gold.

Because of the blessing of vitality bestowed upon the Knights of Gold and the Knights of Silver by The Solari to maintain their eternal vigil, the Falcon is a constant wellspring of Vigor. Because of this the Accursed can live peacefully within the sanctuary of the cavern. She is constantly waiting for the heroes of prophecy who will end the Dark Force’s influence on the land.



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