Duran's Landing

Duran’s Landing is a small settlement on the eastern shore of The Corpse March. This is essentially the base camp of the expeditions sent to Novus. It has become a small city where the various people from Gloran gather to share information and experience a little civilization. It is the first stop of nearly everyone from Gloran.

The buildings of Duran’s Landing are constructed with a mix of timber from the March and some salvaged from ships that either wrecked coming in or were simply dismantled after making landfall. The Landing is an interesting mix of scavengers, adventurers, explorers, entrepreneurs, and settlers from Gloran.

About a month ago, the Landing was attacked by a mad necromancer named Todd McNeal. A defense was organized by The Blue Falcons and the Unmaskers that successfully repelled the undead, but left the Landing severely damaged. See Defense of the Landing.

Notable Features

In the center of Duran’s Landing is the Beacon, a large tower constructed from the mast of one of the ships that housed pilgrims intending to make a home in the new world. At the top of the tower is a large bonfire that is kept lit to help guide explorers and ships alike back to the Landing.

In construction is the First Stop, an inn and bar located near the pier of the city. Run by a tired old fighter named Kelder Hammerstorm it is a re-imagined version of the original inn of the Landing being built on its foundation. A popular eating place and watering hole it remains an excellent source of information and activity.

Across from The First Stop is the Market, where food from Gloran is received and sold to the settlers and explorers living and working in Duran’s Landing. It is run by a sociable elf named Feora Bennet. They buy and sell food or other goods gathered and hunted from the March as well as any supplies brought in by ships when they arrive.

Notable Persons

Duran's Landing

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