Calendar System

Most of Gloran uses the same calendar system by now, though Olephus uses their own.

Dates are written like this: 5.4-7.18

The first number is the number of the current age, in this case, the fifth age, called the Dawn Age. This Age began recently when Duran Rockcracker returned from his journey bringing news of a new world. See Ages below for more information on the ages.

The second number indicates the year of the age, counting up from 1. In the example above, it would be the 4th year.

The third number in the sequence, after the dash, is the number of the month. There are twelve months to the year, with each season lasting three months. See Months below for the name of each month. In the example above, the month is Horizons, the first month of autumn and seventh month of the year.

The final number indicates the day of the month. Each month lasts 30 days, each year lasting 360 days. In the example above, the day is the 18th. A week is 6 days long. See Days below to see the name of each day.


There are seven days in each week: Mundas, Terdas, Windas, Thandas, Fordas, Saerdas, Sordas.


The months are divided into four groups of two, two months for each of the four seasons for a total of 8 months in the years. Each month consists of 35 days, 5 weeks of 7 days each.

Spring: First Seed, Seedfall
Summer: Last Seed, Sunglow
Autumn: Thresh, Golden Boughs
Winter: Dark Night, Whitefall


Calendar System

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