A Strange Tree

In search for a Core Shard, The Party headed far south, taking risk since they would have to scavenge Vigor in order to make it back to Falconwatch. En route, they came across a wounded Pierce, low on Vigor and bleeding out. Without hesitation, Morin Wintersun shared from a shard and bound his wounds. Despite the party’s urgings and warnings, he was determined to head west and confront Smiling Dick and so he continued on his quest, abandoning the party.

Later that day, they encountered a band of goliaths who were camping on a hill. After a peaceful parley, the party convinced them to head towards Falconwatch, though they kept separate camps.

The next day, they found a lone tree, guarded by a Knight of Gold, The Viper. Combat ensued, with the Viper defending the tree, which he called The Newborn. Within the Newborn were two figures appearing like the Blackstone Twins, former companions of Smiling Dick, who seems to be rapidly losing friends.

The Party acquired their third Core Shard, as well the ring, cloak, and blades of the knight. Next they have plans to head to the northwest corner of The Spires.

A Strange Tree

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