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  • Kingsport

    *Kingsport* is the capitol city of [[Thodis]] and home to throne of [[Gareth Orell II | King Gareth Orell II]].

  • Gyre

    *Gyre* is one of the key cities of [[Thodis]] due to its prime position in the pass between Thodis and [[The Free Cities]].

  • Stone Rim

    *Stone Rim* is a large, solidly built city in [[Thodis]] that lies in the foothills of the [[Rogue's Divide]]. It serves as the center of defense against the orckin and goblinoids of the mountains as well as a key city to trade with the dwarves that live …

  • Duran's Landing

    *Duran's Landing* is a small settlement on the eastern shore of [[The Corpse March]]. This is essentially the base camp of the expeditions sent to [[Novus]]. It has become a small city where the various people from [[Gloran]] gather to share information …

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