The Unknown Lands

Beams of Light

Misadventures in an ancient ruin

The Party parted company with Smiling Dick and his band in the Blackened Bog and headed north to the Dead Mire. There they found the ancient, stone ruins of a temple to an unknown sun god and the remnants of the survey team they were sent to check up on. Sir Thomas and his three assistants were the only ones who remained, the ten bodyguards they set out with having been killed.

Hidden beneath the temple, the survey team discovered a strange vault carved out of stone. The bodyguards were slaughtered defending the surveyors as they escaped from stone and metal guardians that animated when they attempted to enter the vault. The Party agreed to help explore the vault so that Sir Thomas could properly examine it and learn more of the history of this place.

They found puzzles and traps that involved guiding a beam of pure light down a series of corridors using mirrors. They also fought with two teams of guardians that attacked them as they made their way through the vault. Reserves of energy getting low, they nonetheless plowed ahead…



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