The Unknown Lands


First steps in an unknown land

The Party met each other for the first time in the Bloody Mary, a military bar in Kingsport in Thodis. The following day they sailed west across the ocean on the Seadancer and, after a month-long journey, finally arrived in Duran’s Landing.

There they met lots of different people, including the apparent leader of the town, a mercenary group, a shopkeeper, and most importantly a researcher who gave them a job to seek out a missing expedition to some ruins on the edge of a lake. They set out that very day.

On the way, while passing through the Blackened Bog, they met another band of adventurers led by the charming Smiling Dick. They traded some stories, shared dinner, and camped out together. During the course of the evening, Dick also sold the party the location of a chest that they couldn’t unlock or carry.



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