The Unknown Lands

The Second Round
Fire and Ice

The Lords of Thunder officially met with Knife in The Pit to discuss the terms and payment for the favor he wanted. In return for defeating the arena champion in battle, he would give them information regarding Smiling Dick and the golden discs he took from them.

The following day, they battled against The Twins, a pair of magi who wielded the powers of frost and fire. Though the fight was hard, the Lords prevailed over them and won their prize: a new set of enchanted leather armor.

Tomorrow, their match against the arena champion, the Master Summoner, awaits them.

The First Round
Against Draven's Own

The Party finally met with Knife at The Pit, who told them that one of his competitors, Wilfred Fizzlebang, is becoming a problem. Wilfred is the arena champion for seven consecutive battles and has become arrogant. Knife wants him defeated by a competitor and is willing to compensate, even beyond the rewards that they would earn as victors. The Party agreed that they would compete and if they could win their first battle, they would negotiate with Knife their reward.

They uncovered some information about their opponents, Draven’s Own, and entered the battle informed of their opponents. They triumphed over their fellow newcomers and claimed their purse of 500 gold from Knife.

Golden Glow
Out of the vault, into the pit

The Party completed their exploration of the vault hidden beneath the ruined temple, discovered all manner of treasure, including a set of golden discs covered with obscure runes. When they left the ruins, they found Sir Thomas and his team held captive by Smiling Dick and his band, who demanded the discs in return for their safety. The Party acquiesced, and Dick kept his word, disappearing in a cloud of fog with the discs in his possession.

After securing extra supplies from Sir Thomas, the Party headed back to Duran’s Landing for the night. Payment was received from Kardin Trenner, then they heard about The Pit from people in town and decided to head out there and check it out.

Beams of Light
Misadventures in an ancient ruin

The Party parted company with Smiling Dick and his band in the Blackened Bog and headed north to the Dead Mire. There they found the ancient, stone ruins of a temple to an unknown sun god and the remnants of the survey team they were sent to check up on. Sir Thomas and his three assistants were the only ones who remained, the ten bodyguards they set out with having been killed.

Hidden beneath the temple, the survey team discovered a strange vault carved out of stone. The bodyguards were slaughtered defending the surveyors as they escaped from stone and metal guardians that animated when they attempted to enter the vault. The Party agreed to help explore the vault so that Sir Thomas could properly examine it and learn more of the history of this place.

They found puzzles and traps that involved guiding a beam of pure light down a series of corridors using mirrors. They also fought with two teams of guardians that attacked them as they made their way through the vault. Reserves of energy getting low, they nonetheless plowed ahead…

First steps in an unknown land

The Party met each other for the first time in the Bloody Mary, a military bar in Kingsport in Thodis. The following day they sailed west across the ocean on the Seadancer and, after a month-long journey, finally arrived in Duran’s Landing.

There they met lots of different people, including the apparent leader of the town, a mercenary group, a shopkeeper, and most importantly a researcher who gave them a job to seek out a missing expedition to some ruins on the edge of a lake. They set out that very day.

On the way, while passing through the Blackened Bog, they met another band of adventurers led by the charming Smiling Dick. They traded some stories, shared dinner, and camped out together. During the course of the evening, Dick also sold the party the location of a chest that they couldn’t unlock or carry.


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